Some Testimonials

"What was so very helpful for me is that Debbie is a keen listener and at times challenged my beliefs with a quip or a subtle reality check in the form of a comment. It was at these times that I had to pause and usually said, "Wow, I never thought of it like that!" Usually after laughing at myself for being so obtuse!  Such a small interchange, such a huge impact on my psyche, for the better."

"I count myself lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with Debbie. She coached me through a very difficult, and ultimately, rewarding time of my life. I was grieving for a fractured relationship and dealing with childhood issues. With Debbie's loving care and clarity, she helped to direct my energies toward compassion for myself and my ex as well as my future. She helped me with a myriad of tools from meditation and journaling to guided visualization. I cried, I laughed and I healed. When I did reconcile the relationship, I was changed. I was whole and more mature, learning through the process was a defining time in my life and I am still working towards my personal goals that I created while working with Debbie. Choosing to work with Debbie was an act of self care, and I will be forever grateful for her loving guidance."

"Debbie's coaching sessions have been very beneficial in a time of my life when I have needed them the most. Debbie is very attentive at what is said, and offers advices matching what is discussed during the session. She is a very good listener and adjusts her coaching depending on the situation that day. After each session, she always emails me a summary of what was discussed; it is a good reminder of using some of the coaching tools. I like the affirmations and small meditation sessions. It is always a pleasure to work with Debbie who is a very caring individual."

"In coaching sessions with Debbie, I experience Debbie's keen clarity, deep compassion and soothing support. Her powerful questions narrow in on what’s at the center of an issue. I so appreciate how she remembers what’s important to me and incorporates those elements in subsequent sessions. I know with Debbie I have her full attention and caring heart engaged to help me reach my goals."

“I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Debbie. I immediately felt heard and safe to share my feelings. I never felt judged and she helped me to come up with my own answers and finally move into action. I even experienced several A-HA moments when I learned more about myself and realized the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I highly recommend Debbie as a spiritual life coach. She listens and is super compassionate!”