Law Enforcement Analyst Development Coaching

Are you :

· A new analyst who needs support and direction as you determine your roles in your agency and profession?

· An experienced analyst who feels stagnant and needs new challenges?

· A student or worker in another field who wants to pursue a job in law enforcement analysis?

· An academic or trainer designing learning programs in law enforcement analysis?

· A law enforcement leader who wants to start an analytical function in your agency?

· A supervisor of law enforcement analysts who wants to improve your analytical unit?

· An advocate of law enforcement analysis who wants to influence policy changes?


I offer coaching to those who are looking for something beyond the technical training and general information provided by many in the field of law enforcement analysis.  My goal is to help you uncover the actions you need to take in order to meet your professional goals. 

The coaching relationship is personal and dynamic. I will learn about your needs and help you find your answers. You will become clearer on what directions to take through answering powerful questions and following through on your specific goals set in the coaching process.

Who am I? A subject matter expert with a proven passion for supporting law enforcement analysts. See the “About” page on this site for more information.