Life Coaching

What is spiritual life coaching? As a professionally trained spiritual life coach, I partner with you to improve any aspect of your life where you want change. The spiritual adds, if you wish, elements of your unique spiritual path to the life coaching process. Some clients want to deepen their current spiritual practices, while others seek new ways to relate to the divine (God, Universe, Source, Spirit - your Higher Power) as they work on life goals.

As a spiritual life coach, I help you create more meaning and LIFE in your life!  Healing tools that promote loving awareness, powerful questions that produce aha moments, and a variety of practical coaching methods that lead to real change - these are a few of the tools in my life coaching  tool kit.

Spiritual life coaching supports and energizes you in defining, discovering, dreaming , designing, and delivering the kind of life where you grow more interesting to yourself and live out your true values. 

Live an intentional life by incorporating spirituality into your reality. Spiritual life coaching can help.